The James E. Rogers College of Law is a law school that offers one of the nation's best legal educations. Located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, we have a wider range of career-transforming degrees at a lower cost than just about any other law school in the world.
Nov 20, 2020 · School of Law "Tenacious." That's how one alumna describes the students of Western New England University School of Law. Tenacity is what created our law school and keeps us committed to providing a student-centered education that produces graduates ready to have a greater degree of impact.
Dickinson Law’s core values—intellectual discovery and knowledge sharing, excellence in teaching and learning, and an unyielding commitment to building and sustaining community—define who we are as lawyers and leaders.
Aug 21, 2018 · Selected officers will receive PCS order to the law school of their choice before the start of school in fall 2019.Barrett thinks this route to becoming a lawyer was the best option for him and he ...